neděle 16. prosince 2012

Exams, party and Xmas time - last weeks in Trondheim!!

Yeah, title really reflects what I did last two weeks. Of course some running missing, but its still almost the same. NTNUI has very good training plan which actually really fits to me. Still twice a week intervals, treshold training, fotball and some strength exercises and weekends longer trainings.

In fisrt week of december I had 3 exams in 3 days. Quite hardcore task for me, but I survived and maybe also everything passed. Yes, I still dont know the results, they will let me know after Xmas, really stupid norwegian system. But who cares, first exam period is done. Lets looking forward to another one in my beer country after Xmas. 

Almost every norwegian exam looks like that, gym and lots of people.
There is one thing which should be mentioned. I was really crazy during the studying so I started with developing of theory of craziness. Guys, its really true and it works, so be very careful with studying.

It was pretty clear, that after exams is going to be nice training period and Xmas time. Last Thursday was quite great. We spend some time at the main square in Trondheim, just to get Xmas mood. But it was -15°C so we spend most of time in McDonald´s. I wanted to buy big norwegian flag, finally we found some place where we could buy it, but flags was sold. Anyway Spanish guys invited me to dinner. As a Czech I couldnt say no.

Me and Jorge and something between ponny and horse.

Me and Ramon at Xmas market.
Dinner was fine, everybody prepared some food, I grilled salmon and make salmon salad. One of the my best dish which I could "cook". But I was not prepared for drinking home made wine. I came just from training without big meal. I drunk "just" 6 cups and just came closer to my norwegian drinking maximum.

Spanish dinner.
We had a great time, but it was not so great in the morning. I woke up in sofa with really big hangover cracking my head. I tried to solve this problem somehow. Best method describe next picture.Its very useful and I think that I am going to use it very often this Xmas time.

Sleeping in freezer.
I overslept almost all day, but I had a interval training at 17:00. 6x 950m each about 3.10min was not so bad, but my stomach was not in a perfect condition  Anyway I survived and  found out that I will never  drink this shitty wine again.

Today is the 3rd advent Sunday. I am quite tired after long training and some special running exercises so I am just enjoying my 3rd advent beer. 

My advent beer  "candles".
Next week will be quite crazy, traveling home on Thurday, lots of beers in Prague, my favourite music band koncert and other crazy stuff with my closest friends. On Sunday will be  ZLS 2012 of course. Everybody is welcome, come and run nice sprint just before Xmas day. Czech invitation is here.

Merry Xmas folkens !!!!